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I have always known that there is more to the human body than just its sum of its physical parts.


The ability to love cannot be just down to a chemical reaction or an astrological planetary placement.


Why are some people struck down by illness and yet others are not? 


Why do some families continually have the same illness through generation after generation?


And why is it that history keeps on repeating its self?


I have been studying illness and psychology for over 30 years and have seen that the reason we find ourselves repeating our lives is that we are not even aware that we are doing so.


We have been taught, by our parents, their belief systems which were taught to them by their parents.


Yet how often do we stop for a moment and ask "Why am I reacting that way?" Or "Why do I believe this?" 


How many products do you use in your home that are the same as when you were growing up?


How many times have you said to yourself "Oh that's not going to be me when I get older!" only to find your self exactly like your parents?


I have learnt to see that physical pain is the body's way of telling you what you really want to do but are unable to consciously to admit to. 


I am SNRO accredited following the PLATO-norm.


I have studied Biology, Psychology, trained in massage therapy, reflexology, & relationship counselling, Trauma Therapy, EMDR. Dream interpretation and Somatic Experiencing.


I have partaken in The work (Byron Katie) The Journey (Brandon Bayes) and be Be the Change. I am a fully qualified chef and have over 35 years of food knowledge.


I am a mother of two teenaged children, a daughter who's parents absconded from their responsibilities, a sister to three brothers and three half-siblings.


I have experienced rape, psychological abuse, depression, suicidal thoughts, what it is like to have a step parent and how negative thinking is just as powerful as positive intention. 


I have seen how my enabled helplessness created a living hell for myself, for my family and my friends. I am an expert in self-made DRAMA!!!


If it was dangerous I have done it, if hurt, I have felt it, and if there is a T-shirt for it. I have got it.




“I have been to different therapists, but with Julia I really felt like she got me.”


—  B.P

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