Kitchen table 60 minute session

You know.. it's not always necessary to go into full smack your life around therapy.


Some times just having someone who will laugh at your problems with you is all you need.


Perhaps your partner is annoying the shit out of you.


Your boss is an idiot and you want to tell him without getting fired.


You got divorced last year and there is someone on the bus whom you would really like to talk to but you have lost your confidence. 


You want a pay rise but you don't know how to word it.


Your best friend is making eyes at your ex and you are finding this really hard to deal with.


Your teenage kids are annoying the fuck out of you.


You want to start your own business and have no idea how to plan it.


No matter what the issue, there is nothing like a cup of coffee or tea with me to help you see the funny side....Eventually.


“I have been to different therapists, but with Julia I really felt like she got me.”


—  B.P

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