Real change intensive

Each session is 90 minutes long and is for a minimum period of 10 sessions. There is no fast solution. I have found that this seems to be the minimum amount of sessions required for long-lasting change. 


The first four sessions are weekly, the next four are every two weeks and the last two are monthly. 


Each session is face to face and is a mixture of talking and exercises. You will receive homework which you will be expected to complete. Completion of the homework is necessary if you wish to feel the full benefits of these sessions.


On top of this, I will be sending you something to think about or to question each day. This helps with reminding you why you are doing this, as the daily rhythm of life can be something that you encourages you back into old patterns.


If necessary, you will receive an eating plan, menus and a shopping list to make the purchasing easier. Learning to eat properly is a foundation of self-love and helps greatly with being able to sleep.

I will not lie and say that this is easy. It is not! 


You will experience anger, disappointment, frustration, perhaps even hatred. There will be self-blame and self-pity. Yet you will also experience relief and self-understanding. You will learn coping tools and self-awareness. You will learn to understand why you react to certain situations and what your triggers are. BUT! this will only happen if you are willing to dig deep and to open your heart. 


I must make you very aware that after your session you will most probably feel exhausted and I would recommend that your sessions should be just after lunch and that you DO NOT go back to work or do anything strenuous.


In order to make sure that you turn up for your sessions I will invoice you for the whole ten weeks in advance. I charge €125 per hour, and each session is 90 mins. I have found that my clients seem to work better when they know that the sessions are already planned and paid for in advance. There will be NO REFUND should you miss a session. 


I do hope that I have made everything very clear for you.


It takes a great deal of courage to even consider doing this. And for this alone I applaud you


“I have been to different therapists, but with Julia I really felt like she got me.”


—  B.P

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